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Anne B. Simpson, Ph.D.

Welcome to my Practice

If you...

  • Feel that you’re stuck in your life even though you want to grow

  • Have trouble pursuing interests and goals that are satisfying

  • Find it hard to make meaningful connections with other people

  • And yet you believe that there is much more to who you are


in working together we can help you find answers and move forward.

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As a psychoanalyst in private practice, I work with adults, ages 18 and over, in psychoanalytically oriented therapy for individuals and couples. This treatment addresses the problems that recur in people’s lives, interfering with the ability to love, to work, and even to play. In a dedicated partnership, we’ll collaborate to identify sources of current behaviors, discover how they have evolved, and find new ways to address the challenges of living.


My Approach

The most important aspect of any therapy is that you find a good “fit” with the therapist you choose. I emphasize an open, compassionate approach in which your feelings, observations, expectations, and reactions are at the center of our work. It’s important to me that you feel safe in our sessions together and can count on me to respond in a non-judgmental, accepting way. 

In addition to listening closely to you, I will sometimes offer new ways of framing  your experiences to see if these give you perspectives and options you may never have considered. It’s my priority that you find in me someone who understands who you are today and can journey with you to achieve more meaning and satisfaction in your life.

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