Anne B. Simpson, Ph.D.


If you . . .

  seem stuck in your life even though you want to grow
   have trouble pursuing interests that are meaningful and satisfying
   find it hard to be close to people although you hope for 
     relationships that are genuine
. . . and yet you believe that there is much more to who you are . . .

in working together we can help you discover answers and alternatives.

I am a psychoanalyst in private practice.  My office is located in Pasadena, where I work with adults, ages 18 and over, in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytically oriented therapy.  These forms of treatment address the problems that recur in people’s lives, interfering with the ability to love, to work, and even to play.  In a dedicated partnership, patient and analyst collaborate to identify sources of current behaviors, understand how they have evolved, and find new ways to address the challenges of living.

Dr. Anne B. Simpson Ph.D